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All Kross bikes are sold with a 2-year warranty!

KROSS S.A. provides a quality warranty for the purchased bike for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. The condition of the Warranty is the completing paid inspections: the first one between the 30th and the 60th day from the date of purchase (for bicycles purchased in the months from November to the end of January, the inspection may be carried out by 31 March at the latest), periodic inspection between the 11th and 16th month from the date of purchase and an inspection after every three years of using the bicycle to maintain the Lifetime Protection on the frame. The inspection can be carried out at Authorized Service Centres.

The condition for the validity of the Warranty is the proof of purchase and a Warranty Statement or a warranty account on the platform, created in accordance with the regulations of this platform.

The warranty does not in any way exclude or limit the rights of the customer under statutory guarantee. For details regarding the warranty, please refer to the downloadable “Warranty Terms” at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the condition for the duration of the warranty (including lifetime or 5-year protection for the frame) and maintaining the efficiency of the bike is to perform a regulatory inspection after one month of use, after one year and then after every three years of use of the bike.

From March 1st, to each purchased bike in the e-commerce channel sent directly to the consumer, an automatic e-warranty is generated. Such an e-warranty is sent to the email address specified in the order by the consumer. For bicycles purchased with pick up at the dealer, the distributor issues an e-warranty at the pick-up point.


As part of the first inspection, the following should be done:

  • adjustments of the drivetrain system
  • retightening of bolts and nuts.
  • checking and adjusting the clearance of the bearing parts
  • checking the tension of the spokes
  • inspecting the crank mechanism and drivetrain system components
  • checking the condition of the wheels
  • checking the condition of the tyres
  • checking the condition of the brakes and their adjustment
  • checking the efficiency and effectiveness of other components of the bicycle

As part of the review after one year of use and subsequent years with the above activities, a check of the degree of wear should be carried out for the following components:

  • chain
  • brake pads,
  • brake discs,
  • gears


In the case of components such as shock absorbers, dampers and shock absorbed seatposts, the owner is obliged to carry out independent inspections in accordance with the service intervals specified by the manufacturer of a given component:

  • Suntour forks : every 100 hours of riding or once a year: full-service of the damper with oil/grease change and sealants 
  • FOX components:every 125 hours of riding or once a year: full service (internal and external inspection), oil change and gaskets
  • SRAM components: intervals and service activities depend on the riding time and the component model. 
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