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KROSS trekking bikes

Which trekking bike should you choose?

Trekking bikes are a great choice for everyday use. So which trekking bike should you choose? Preferably the one that best suits your riding style. Trekking bicycles can be divided into two types:

  • Trekking bikes
  • Cross bikes

Despite their great similarity, they differ in how they are used. A trekking bike is an excellent choice for long bike trips. It is equipped with a rack, mudguards, bicycle lights and a kickstand that makes it easier to park it when you have nothing nearby to rest it against. Due to all the accessories that are mounted on them, they are relatively heavy, but the drivetrain used in such bikes makes it easier to overcome difficult climbs.

A cross bike is a kind of slimmed down trekking bike. It does not feature so many accessories, but if you feel like it, you can mount them. It is an ideal for many uses. Until recently, most cyclists believed that a mountain bike would work perfectly in all conditions, but a cross bike will be a better choice for most people. It will be perfect for riding on bike paths as well as gravel and many other paths.

A light cross bike for women may prove to be the best solution for everyday use. Men will also certainly appreciate it. However, if your plans include a multi-day bicycle trip, a trekking bike will make it easier for you to overcome it, and also allow you to take large luggage.

What kind of trekking bike will be suitable for a woman?

Women's trekking bikes come in different colours to attract the attention when making a purchase. At KROSS we know that women need not only a different paintjob, but also the right shape of the frame. Therefore, when designing a bicycle for women, we approach the subject very seriously.

So what kind of a trekking bike for women will be the best choice? When shopping, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it has a lower top tube of the frame. This will make it easier to get on and off the bike, especially when you decide to wear a dress or skirt. Also, be sure that it features components adapted to women. The seat, shorter stem or narrower handlebar will significantly improve your riding comfort.

What trekking bike to choose for a man

The men's trekking bike is relatively easy to choose. The differences between the individual models are the most frequently used accessories and the materials from which the bicycle frame was made. Therefore, when considering which trekking bike to choose for a man, focus primarily on the question of its usefulness. It's a good idea for the bike to have a trunk, lights or a kickstand that will allow you to park it in any place.

The men's trekking bike, unlike the one adapted for women, does not have a lowered top tube of the frame. The remaining components, despite the similarities to those known from women's models, are appropriately adapted to men's needs.

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