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Bicycle water bottles

Bicycle water bottle - transporting your favourite drink

A bicycle water bottle is something you don't want to find yourself on the road without. No matter how long your trip takes, it is better to have one with you. It makes it easier to transport your favourite drink, thanks to which you will avoid dehydration during the ride. It is an indispensable element of every cyclist's gear.

There are many types of water bottles to fit all conditions. It doesn’t matter whether you ride in the summer or winter - without a water bottle filled with your favourite drink, it's better to just stay at home!

How to choose a bicycle water bottle

It would seem that the answer to the question of how to choose a bicycle water bottle is very simple. After all, they all serve the same purpose, i.e. allow you to transport the liquids necessary for hydration while riding. However, depending on your preferred riding style, different water bottles may be better or worse.

The basic aspect that should be followed when choosing a water bottle is the raw material which it was made from. It is best to choose those ones manufactured using biodegradable materials. It is also worth making sure they do not take on the smell of the liquids transported in them.

It is also worth considering the size of the water bottle. A 500 ml water bottle is an excellent choice for all kinds of races, it's the capacity most often used by competitors. It allows you to carry an isotonic drink without significantly increasing the bicycle weight. A 750 ml water bottle will work well during longer rides and races on hot days, where proper hydration is a key issue.

Insulated water bottles, especially appreciated by those who like to transport their drinks at a certain temperature, are also worth recommending. Thanks to them liquids maintain their temperature regardless of the ambient conditions! They are perfect if you want to enjoy a cold drink in the middle of a hot summer, or warm tea in cold winter.

Specialized bicycle water bottles deserve a separate mention. These include the aerodynamic bicycle water bottle used in time trial and triathlon bikes. It has a flattened structure that does not protrude beyond the bicycle's outline, improving air flow. It may seem funny, but at the highest competitive level, even a second or two saved by such a water bottle can be a decisive factor in a win.

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