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Bicycle backpacks

Have you decided to commute to work on your bike? Or maybe you are going to meet your friends and need to take some small luggage with you, but have no way of carrying it? A bicycle backpack can be the thing you are looking for. Bicycle backpacks, unlike traditional ones, are adapted to physical activity, so they don't hinder cycling, and - thanks to their design - ensure adequate air circulation. This ensures a much more comfortable ride, even on warmer days, compared to any other solution.

Cycling backpack with a water bag

A bicycle backpack not only provides greater comfort thanks to better air circulation and reduced back sweating. It also features number of amenities for cyclists, allowing you to enjoy riding in all conditions.

One of such feature is a special water bag that can be installed in some backpack models. It allows you to hydrate while riding without having to reach for a water bottle, thanks to a long tube ended with a mouthpiece! For some, this can be a great solution, especially if they are concerned about reaching for a water bottle while riding on busy bicycle paths.

A bicycle backpack with a water bag is also convenient during amateur MTB marathons. Not only will it allow you to carry the necessary repair kit, but also carry more liquids. It may not be that important during the early racing season, but when summer comes, you will enjoy the ability to carry a few hundred extra millilitres of sports drink or water. In the case of longer races, it will also allow you to carry additional provisions - protein bars or energy gels. Good race preparation will pay off and will allow you to show your full potential.

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