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KROSS and Le Grand city bikes

What should you pay attention to when buying a city bike?

The perfect bike for the city? A city bike, obviously. However, what should you pay attention to when buying a city bike? The most important thing should be its usability and aesthetics. A city bike should facilitate not only travel, but also everyday duties. With the right selection of accessories, such as bicycle panniers or various types of bags, a bicycle can successfully replace a car. Thanks to this, you will regain the time that was previously wasted in traffic jams during rush hours.

Another important element that should be followed when choosing a city bike is the drivetrain. The less complicated it is, the better. Therefore, an interesting solution is a planetary hub that replaces the classic derailleur. As in the case of a traditional derailleur, it offers several gears, but unlike it, it requires almost no maintenance, and it can be serviced every tens of thousands of kilometres. For many city bikes, this will mean that they will not have to be taken to workshops, and will only require the chain lubricated from time to time.

Contrary to the popular belief, having a suspension fork is not required on a city bike. It may slightly improve ride comfort, but it will also add significantly to the weight of the bike, which may make it difficult to ride uphill and carry the bike. Especially if you live in an apartment building. A steel fork will work just as well as a shock absorber, effectively dampening vibrations caused by riding on all kinds of uneven surfaces. The appropriate tires can also help.

Dutch bicycle - the perfect choice for the city?

A Dutch bike, also known as a city bike, is a great choice for the city. It was created for comfortable rides on short distances, so riding it does not cause excessive fatigue. The big range of accessories it is equipped with and a properly selected drivetrain along with special protection that prevents clothing from being caught by the chain, make it the perfect bike for city riding!

It is this aspect of securing clothes against damage that is a very important element of a city bike. You can ride it in slightly looser clothes without fear. As indicated above, the chain guard will ensure that the chain does not damage trousers, dresses or long skirts. The mudguards will protect the clothes so that the water splashing from under the wheels and when riding through puddles does not stain your clothes. It's a great choice for any weather!

Some city bikes are also equipped with integrated lighting - powered by batteries or a traditional dynamo. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about returning home late in the evening - the bike will take care of your visibility on the road. You just need to go on a trip and enjoy the illuminated paths and streets.

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