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KROSS mountain bikes

MTB bike - ideal for everything?

Is a mountain bike ideal for everything? Depending on the tires with which the MTB bike will be fitted, its behaviour while riding may change significantly. That is why mountain bikes are considered the most universal ones. You will be able to ride one on hardened asphalt roads without any problems, but you will also be able to move into more difficult terrain.

This versatility makes a mountain bike ideal for many people. Especially when it comes to a bicycle for recreation purposes, because racing MTB bikes, i.e. those used by the KROSS Orlen Cycling Team players, are not the best choice for beginners and people who want to have a bicycle that will also work well in everyday commuting.

Mountain bike or gravel bike?

A mountain bike and a gravel bike are very similar. However, if you plan on riding on a bit more technical terrain from time to time, a traditional MTB with a shock absorber may be a better choice.

Why? Among other things, due to the shock absorber, which improves control over the bike on difficult terrain and makes it easier to overcome obstacles that would normally lift the wheel off the ground. The appropriate drivetrain is also an important element. A gravel bike has come close to a mountain bike in recent years, but the MTB still has a much wider gear range. Especially in the case of performance bikes that allow you to climb even the toughest off-road slopes.

A simple handlebar, unlike the drop bars inspired by road cycling, also makes it easier to control the bike when climbing or descending in off-road conditions. Also, if you are thinking about riding in slightly more demanding conditions, you should consider a mountain bike. A gravel bike is an excellent choice for light terrain and long bicycle trips, but it will be difficult to cope with where MTB feels like fish in the water.

Which mountain bike should you choose? Mountain bike types

At first glance, mountain bikes do not differ much from each other. They all have shock absorbers, but they differ mainly in geometry. Depending on the desired use, the following types can be listed:

  • MTB bike for riding in light terrain - it is an excellent choice for most users for whom mountain biking is associated with calm trips and wandering in the woods.
  • Performance MTB XC bike – what cyclists race on. Their drivetrain is adapted to riding in difficult conditions, the shock absorber helps to overcome obstacles - some models are also equipped with a rear shock absorber.
  • Women's MTB Bikes - Women can use bikes that were designed for men. However, they will only feel the full joy of riding when they put their hands on a women's mountain bike. It is not just a different paintjob. It also includes components tailored to their needs, such as the seat, narrower handlebar, shorter stem and slightly shorter crank arms.
  • Enduro mountain bike - Enduro bikes are something between an XC bike and a highly specialized downhill bike. They provide excellent handling during extremely exciting descents in the mountains, while being quite efficient at climbing all kinds of steep slopes. An enduro bike is a lot of fun and it is a completely different fun from that provided by a typical mountain bike.
  • Trail mountain bike - a slightly polished enduro. Trail bikes are an excellent choice if you like riding in the mountains, but on descents you value stability and precision of steering. They are relatively light and quite manoeuvrable. If you like riding in the mountains for hours, a trail bike will be perfect for you.
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