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We are KROSS. Bicycles are in our DNA

For more than 30 years now KROSS focuses on providing the best bicycles that meet the needs of both professional cyclists and those who want to enjoy riding slowly and feel happy with each travelled kilometre. We approach every KROSS bicycle with reverence, creating solutions that work perfectly in all conditions.

KROSS stands for caring for even the smallest details and creating trends loved by all cyclists. Our bicycles are already the most recognizable two-wheel vehicles in Poland, and also - thanks to constantly raising the bar - are more and more often chosen by the residents of 50 countries all over the world.


30 years of experience

For more than 30 years now KROSS creates the highest quality bicycles - made of steel, as well as aluminium and carbon fiber.

The entire process of creating bicycles is carried out internally, without the participation of other companies. The company is responsible for preparing designs, prototypes, and finally also the construction carried out in the company's own production hall. Since 2000 the company possesses its own modern production plant which, thanks to advance IT solutions, manages the entire bicycle assembly and storage process. Thanks to this, the company does not need to import ready frames from subcontractors, and has absolute control over the quality of all bicycles.


Bikes for winning

Many professionals choose KROSS high-performance bicycles. This is due to the experience and knowledge that the company gained over the years. Since 2006 KROSS includes a professional cycling group, which actively participates in creating new frames. Thanks to this KROSS MTB bicycles are perfectly adapted to the constantly more and more difficult XC world championship routes, while road bikes help cyclists to reach even the most demanding peaks and the optimal geometry facilitates a safe downhill drive even on the most twisted mountain roads.


Highest quality of carbon

Carbon frames in KROSS bikes are made of the highest quality carbon fiber - regardless of the used type. The production process of a bicycle always looks the same and has to meet the same rigorous quality criteria, regardless of the used type of carbon fiber.

Since 2017 KROSS possesses its own line for producing carbon frames, setting the company in a small group of European bicycle manufacturers, who individually create carbon fiber bicycle frames.


Electrifying cycling trend

In 2017 KROSS took over a Dutch manufacturer of electric bicycles. Combining the highest standards, care for the production of bicycles, and the technology for producing e-bikes made it possible to create even more sublime models equipped with electric support. Only state-of-the-art elements from trusted suppliers and market leaders concerning e-bike components are used in the production process.


We change the world for the better

Eco Stories are our way of promoting daily bicycle transport. At KROSS we believe that cycling daily can change the world for the better and contribute to slowing down, and ultimately halting, climate changes. The company creates the highest quality bicycles, which can successfully constitute an alternative for cars or public transportation.

Kross in the world

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