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Bicycle seats

Do you want to take your child on a bicycle trip, but they're still a bit too young for a long ride on their own? Bicycle seats may be the solution. With them, a child can spend the journey with the parent, have a casual conversation and - if necessary - even close their eyes for a moment to catch a bit of rest.

Which bicycle seat to choose

When choosing a bicycle seat for a child, the priority is always safety. The seat should feature safety belts and stable support for the feet. It's also good to be able to secure the child's feet with straps.

Bicycle seats mounted behind the parent are very popular - this solution allows the child to talk freely with the caretaker. It also ensures greater safety for the child. Additionally, they provide a stable back support. The second type is the front-mounted bicycle seat. It's definitely a less popular solution, but it also has numerous advantages. The most important of these is the parent's ability to observe the child's behaviour and, if necessary, to give the child something to eat or drink.

When is it possible to transport a child in a bicycle seat?

Each child develops differently, so it is up to the parent to decide when the child is ready to ride in the bicycle seat. However, it's important that the child is able to sit up independently and maintain a correct posture. Experts say that a child can be transported over short distances as early as 9 months of age. Also remember that the child needs to already have properly developed neck muscles that won't be overloaded by the head with a helmet.

When it comes to the upper limit until which a child can ride in a bicycle seat, there is no such limit. This is usually determined by the manufacturer who gives the weight range that the seat can support.

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