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KROSS road bikes

How to choose a road bike 

When asking this question, first you have to decide what type of brakes you want on your bike. Disc brakes are now a standard, but road bikes with traditional shoe brakes are still available.

This is obviously a big simplification. As with MTBs, there are different types of road bikes available. The most popular are endurance bikes, i.e. those adapted to long hours of riding on asphalt. It's also a great choice for most people, especially those who aren't planning on racing. Such bikes make it possible to take a comfortable and relaxed position. On the other hand, there are road bikes of the Aero and Race types offering better performance. These machines are optimized to achieve high speeds and maximize the power put into the drivetrain in the bike.

Therefore, the best advice on choosing a road bike is to carefully consider what you'll need it for. If you just want to get more and more kilometres and enjoy the ride, choose an endurance road bike. However, if you choose high-performance road cycling, an aero or race bike will be better for you.

Road bike or gravel bike?

If in most cases you plan to ride on asphalt and take part in group training with other road cyclists, a road bike will be the best choice. It will allow you to fully get to know cycling.

Gravel and road bikes have a lot in common. Their equipment, components and wheels can be used interchangeably. However, as is usually the case, the devil is in the details. And those details are in the geometry. A road bike, even one like an endurance bike, encourages the rider to take a slightly more aggressive position. It makes it easier to cut through air and achieve higher speeds. Thanks to the applied tires, which are almost treadless, they also cope well on hard asphalt. A gravel bike involves a slightly different riding philosophy. In their case, mainly due to the fact that they are designed to ride off-road, they are a bit more stable and allow them to take a more relaxed position. They also have numerous mounting holes that make it possible to attach additional bags, panniers or various accessories such as mudguards. They are also suitable for mounting wider tires. Most road bikes will not allow the fitting of a tire larger than 30 millimetres wide. A gravel bike makes it possible for you to put on much wider tires, and if you choose 27.5-inch wheels, you can even use a MTB tire!

How to choose a road bike matching your height

Choosing the first road bike is a kind of unknown for many people. There are many guides on the internet to help you make the decision, but often this information is difficult to apply unless you know what to look for. You can help yourself with services such as bike-fitting, where on a special bicycle you can check whether the given frame size would fit your body shape.


However, not all bike-fitting studios offer such an option. Therefore, as in the case of the selection of clothing in road bikes, sizes from XS to XL are used, sometimes interchangeably with numbering in the range of 48 to 64 (or other). How to choose a KROSS road bike? Your height will be helpful here. Just compare it with the table on the model page to be able to decide on the size of the frame.

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