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Bags and panniers

If you are commuting to work by bike or your dream is a bikepacking trip, then one of the basic accessories that you should have are bicycle bags and panniers. Of course, bicycle backpacks are a good solution, but if you need to carry, for example, larger luggage, do some bigger shopping, panniers and bicycle bags are
a much better solution.

With their aid, the weight that you would be carrying on your back will now be comfortably distributed over the entire bike. Of course, it is necessary to think over the choice carefully before selecting the bags and panniers. Not every bicycle type can accommodate every solution. All the more so because some panniers are designed for mounting on bicycle carriers, and some bikes (for example road bikes) often don't even have holes for their installation.

How to choose bicycle panniers?

Depending on your bicycle type, there are many different solutions currently available on the market that allow you to conveniently install a bicycle pannier. However, different bikes have different solutions for mounting a pannier.

  • Touring bikes - installation of bicycle panniers is usually the easiest in the case of touring bikes. Most bikes of this type are factory-fitted with carriers that allow you to mount a pannier.
  • High-performance bikes - i.e. road and XC mountain bikes usually do not feature any mounting holes, which makes it impossible to mount a pannier on the carrier. But that's no reason to despair! For this type of bikes there are special bags attached to the seat post or handlebars with Velcro. They are not as capacious as panniers, but will allow you to carry the necessary clothing and accessories for a multi-day bicycle trip.
  • Recreational MTB and gravel bikes - even though they are rarely factory-equipped with carriers, they usually feature holes that allow their installation. These allow you to significantly increase your bike's excursion capabilities by mounting capacious bicycle panniers.
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