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If the purchased product has a defect or it arrives damaged, a complaint should be made. Remember to provide as many details as possible about the defect, so that we can respond to your notification quickly.

What does the complaint procedure look like?


Fill out the form

Fill out the form with an accurate description of the nature of the defect or damage. Remember to provide the same contact details in the form as when placing an order.


Wait for contact from our consultant

After considering the complaint, we will contact you to arrange the details of the possible receipt of the damaged product. Our consultant will arrange a courier to pick up the package in a place convenient for you.


Remember to pack the product properly

If the complaint requires repair in our service centre, prepare the package for the courier. In the case of bicycles, they should be packed in the original box with the supplied security elements included.


Shipment verification

After the shipment arrives at our warehouse, we will verify the condition of the product and, on this basis, we will process further steps.

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