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Bicycle kickstands

For many people, especially those interested in the competitive aspect of cycling, bicycle kickstands cause and abomination and they are something that should never be found on a bicycle. They negate their usefulness because of the visual aspect. However, you can look at them doubtfully when, when parking their bikes, they look for a place on which they can safely rest their bike, and you… just pull out the kickstand, set it up and enjoy how simple it is.

Bicycle kickstands are an inseparable element of trekking and city bikes. It's just hard to imagine a two-wheeler that would allow you to move without problems without this simple part. However, it is not without reason that other types of bikes, especially MTB bikes, lack it. During performance rides, the risk of the kickstand opening unexpectedly, however small it may be, could potentially result in a fall. Fortunately, over the years the kickstand has evolved, giving city and trekking bikes the certainty that no matter how bad the surface condition is, they will stay in place.

How to choose a kickstand

A kickstand is usually mounted on the bicycle's rear forks, usually on the side opposite to the chain. When choosing a kickstand, you need to pay attention to whether your bike is equipped with mounting holes for it. If they are prepared, then there is most likely an appropriate kickstand dedicated to your model. In this case, it is worth browsing the manufacturer's website or going to a bicycle shop, where the employee will help you choose the right product.

However, if your frame does not have such holes, you will have to pay attention mainly to those that are mounted on various types of clamps. This way you can be sure that the kickstand will fit.

In the recent years, bicycles with different wheel sizes have appeared. Until recently, apart from kids' bikes, only 26- and 28-inch wheels were available. However, now you can also find those with a diameter of 27.5 and 29 inches. So what can you do in this case? The adjustable kickstand can be helpful, allowing it to be adapted to different wheel sizes. It will also allow it to be moved between several bikes, if necessary.

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