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KROSS electric bicycles

Electric bicycle - a sign of the 21st century

The electric bike is a symbol of the 21st century. We live in an increasingly busy world where there is simply no time for intense cycling training. Especially if we are not professional cyclists and we have many other responsibilities that require our attention. Therefore, to make the daily commute a bit easier or to keep pace with more experienced cyclists on difficult and steep climbs, electric bikes have been created. However, this does not mean that riding them does not require any effort!

An electric bike is not a scooter or a motorbike. You still need to pedal to ride it. Without your effort, the bike simply won't move. An electric bike consists of two main components - the motor and the battery that powers it. The range of an electric bike is mainly determined by the capacity of the battery, expressed in Watt hours. However, you cannot stick to a certain range - it can depend on many factors. Terrain, wind force and temperature can have a real impact on the range you will cover thanks to electric assist.

What is the advantage of an electric bike over a regular one?

It may seem obvious, but the advantage of an electric bike over a regular one is the motor it is fitted with. It is an additional support for your legs that will help you while cycling.

But why is this such a big advantage? It makes it possible to cover significantly more kilometres than in the case of traditional bikes. In some cases, even more than 100 kilometres! When was the last time you had the opportunity to ride such a distance by bike? In many cases, this is the distance that road cycling enthusiasts decide to take on.

Another advantage of the bike is the ability to get to work freely or meet relatives and friends without the risk of sweating. Thanks to the appropriate setting of the electric assistance, it is possible to reach your destination without excessive effort. It is the motor that will, to a large extent, be responsible for propelling the bicycle. You just need to rotate the pedals gently.

How to choose an electric bike?

Have you been wondering how to choose an electric bike? Theoretically it is not difficult, but in practice you can come across several decisions that will require more careful consideration. It would seem that you only need to choose the type of assisted bicycle that suits you. Whether it is an electric MTB, trekking or other bike. This is a very important part of your choice, but it is also crucial which manufacturer you choose for your bike. The most frequently chosen system is Shimano STEPS, but some KROSS bikes are also equipped with the Bafang system.

The battery location in the bike is also important. More advanced bikes have a battery integrated in the frame. This means that it is hidden inside the bike and it is charged through a special port. Of course, you can take the battery out and take it with you. An external battery is another type. It is mounted in place of the water bottle holder or on the trunk.

Types of electric bicycles

As in many other cases, electric bikes can be divided depending on the purpose for which they were created:

  • Electric MTB bikes - classic MTB bikes that have been extended with an electric motor. Thanks to them, you can get even more pleasure from riding on forest paths and you do not have to worry about steep climbs.
  • Electric MTB XC bikes - performance mountain bikes that are perfect for complementing a traditional performance bike. If you want to check the route of the race to know where the most technical stages and elements are, then an e-bike is the perfect choice. Not only will you not get tired during the test ride, but you will also be better prepared for the race start.
  • Electric Trekking Bikes - is there anything better than a bike trip? Of course! A bike trip that you will be able to enjoy without getting too tired. Load your bike with luggage and don't worry about whether you will cope with the challenge. Just hop on the bike and go!
  • Electric City Bikes - City bikes are a great choice for commuting and meeting with friends. However, a city bike with an electric motor will allow you to reach your destination without fatigue and fear of sweaty clothes.
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