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Bicycle locks

Regardless of how much your bike costs, you risk losing it if you leave it even for a moment without proper protection. Unfortunately, there are more bicycle thefts every year, so you need to properly care for your bicycle's security. This can be ensured by bike locks, whose function is extremely simple. They prevent your bike from being stolen. The market offers different solutions that differ not only in price, but also in the level of security offered. Depending on your needs, you can choose one that will be extremely light, but still secure your bike for a few moments, or one that will be almost impossible to break without heavy tools.

Types of bicycle locks

Bicycle locks can be divided in many ways, most often according to the offered level of security. At the bottom of this list there are the most popular bike securing lines, while at the top are the heavy-duty u-locks and special panels that combine the advantages of u-locks and lines. Below we present the types of bicycle locks:

  • Safety line - this is the most popular type of locks that can be found almost everywhere. Although many people use it to secure their bicycle during work, that's not its intended purpose. It provides low anti-theft protection, and doesn't even require heavy tools to be cut.
  • Anti-theft chain - a very solid security protection that will keep your bike safe for many hours. Most often they are made of thick hardened steel links enclosed in a fabric sleeve. As a result, they won't scratch your frame when fastening. This type of lock is extremely difficult to break, with its biggest disadvantage being its size. For this reason, it is difficult to transport it without a backpack or a bicycle pannier.
  • The U-lock is a popular security device that's not only compact and easy to transport, but also provides a comparable level of protection to the anti-theft chain. It is usually made of hardened steel which is very difficult to cut. The only downside to this type of lock is its size. This makes it necessary to carefully consider where you are able to leave your bike.
  • Folding bicycle shackle - it is currently the most effective bicycle protection. Not only is it compact, but it also allows you to fasten several bikes when unfolded. It is also relatively lightweight. The individual panels that make up the protection are made of stainless steel, covered with a delicate coating that protects the frame against scratches.

How to secure a bike against theft?

The easiest answer to the question how to secure your bicycle against theft is: effectively. This means leaving it in visible places and using proven anti-theft devices.


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