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Bicycle accessories

Bicycle accessories are - next to the bicycle itself - the most important things a cyclist should be equipped with. Why? Because they make cycling not only much easier, but also more enjoyable. Bicycle accessories can be compared to cycle wear. They are not indispensable for riding, but worth having around.

Bicycle accessories come in a very wide range of bicycle add-ons, such as holders to transport your favourite drink, handy tools for bicycle repair, or lights to illuminate the road while riding after dark. Of course, this does not cover all bicycle accessories. It also includes bicycle chemicals for washing the bike after riding in winter and in the rain. Chain oil will protect it against corrosion and allow you to cover even more kilometres.

Which bicycle accessories should you choose?

For most cyclists, a moment comes when they have to decide what bicycle accessories to choose and which will be useful for them in their daily bicycle use. The answer is not that simple, as it all depends on your individual approach to cycling. However, it would be a good idea to choose:

  • Saddlebags - the basic equipment of most cyclists. With them, you will be able to easily take your most needed accessories, such as inner tubes, a multitool or others, on a trip.
  • A bicycle water bottle and a water bottle cage - these are probably the most important elements that any cyclist should have. Dehydration may occur quickly when cycling, especially on warm days, and a water bottle effectively prevents this.
  • Hand-held tools - tools such as the multitool enable you to have the entire set of tools with you without the need to carry an entire toolbox! They are a perfect solution for small to medium repairs on the road.
  • Bicycle pumps – we can distinguish small and large pumps, i.e. service pumps. The smaller ones will be useful when replacing an inner tube during a bike trip. The service pumps, on the other hand, will inflate the tyres quickly and efficiently while preparing for a ride.

Are bicycle chemicals needed?

Many people may ask themselves if bicycle chemicals are necessary. At first glance, it would seem that they are not necessary. After all, until recently there were no specialized bicycle care products, and a bicycle is, in theory, not that mechanically complicated vehicle. The truth, however, is a bit different.

A bicycle's operation and life span can be significantly improved thanks to proper care. The fundamentals include chain oils, adapted to the conditions in which you ride most often. Chain oil for dry conditions will keep your chain clean, but it will not work well in the rain. On the other hand, a chain lubricant for wet conditions will protect the bike in autumn and winter, but it will require more frequent washing. It is also worth getting a chain degreaser - this will help you clean old oil from the chain and keep it clean. It can also be used on the cogset and sprocket wheels of the chainset - so that the bike's drive will always be kept clean.

On the other hand, other kinds of bicycle cosmetics, such as bicycle shampoos, will keep the bicycle clean for days. They provide a thin layer of film that protects the paintwork from dirt and makes it easier to remove using a dry cloth after getting off the bike.

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