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Bicycle pumps

Even the best cyclist can't ride on flat tyres. Therefore, even nowadays, in the era of increasingly developing networks of city bike repair stations, it is worth having your own bicycle pump. And preferably two -
a service pump and a hand pump, that you can always have with you.

Bicycle pumps are accessories every cyclist should have. The handy bicycle pump should be permanently mounted to the bicycle frame - special adapters allow them to be installed next to the water bottle cages, so you do not have to sacrifice the space for your water bottle.

Service pumps, on the other hand, are typical home tools that, thanks to the built-in pressure gauge, will allow for precise tyre inflation. This allows the tyre pressure to be adjusted to the rider's personal preferences and weight. This service pump is also an indispensable tool for every cyclist with a road bike. Inflating road tyres to a minimum of seven bars with a hand pump is torture, and a service pump will handle that in mere moments.

Shock absorber pumps

Pumps for bicycle shock absorbers deserve their own section. They are essential gear for every cyclist whose bike has pneumatic shock absorbers. With such a pump, you can inflate your shock absorbers with the appropriate pressure adjusted to your weight. This will allow you to adapt the bike to your riding style and the terrain in which you will ride. A shock absorber pump is simply a must-have if you own a bicycle with an air fork or a damper.

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