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Bicycle lighting

Lighting is one of the basic elements of any bicycle. Although Polish law only requires you to have bicycle lights after dusk, at KROSS we believe that it is always worth having them with you. And preferably, they should be active even during the day. Properly selected lighting significantly increases your safety while riding - not only by properly illuminating the road, but also by informing other road users of your presence.

According to the regulations, cyclists are required to have two bicycle lights - a white or yellow light in the front on the handlebar, and a red one in the rear.

Proper selection of bicycle lights

Proper selection of bicycle lights is the basis for safe cycling. Depending on your most frequent riding conditions, different types of lights will perform better or worse.

The most frequently chosen lights come in a silicone casing that can be easily mounted on the steering wheel and seat post. They do not provide strong light, which is why they are not the best choice to illuminate the road on which you are riding. However, their role is mainly to inform other road users of your presence. And that's what they do best! And the simple mounting system makes it easy to attach and take them with you when you get off the bike.

The second category are bicycle lights, which not only inform of your presence on the road, but also illuminate it. They have very powerful LEDs which - in some cases - are even able to make the night as bright as day. For obvious reasons, they need to be charged more frequently than the smaller lights. Usually, one charge will last for about 6 hours of riding with the light on at full power.

Is it worth buying a USB charged bicycle light?

Bicycle lights charged via a USB input are increasingly popular among many cyclists. Despite some issues with charging the lights while riding, they are a much more reliable solution than those powered by replaceable batteries.

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