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Water bottle cages - perfect for carrying your favourite drink

A bicycle water bottle cage is an inseparable element of any two-wheeler. You can, of course, do it without it - a backpack with a water bag will help - but the water bottle cage is the most convenient solution for carrying the necessary hydration. It will allow you not to burden your back with a backpack, so you can enjoy a free ride in all conditions.

How to choose a water bottle cage

Choosing a water bottle cage would seem extremely simple. After all, it is supposed to serve ONLY one purpose - to hold the water bottle and make sure it doesn't fall out on various types of bumps and uneven roads. You will quickly notice that the bottle cages are not alike. Therefore, it's reasonable to ask how to choose a water bottle cage.

First of all, it is worth considering what material it's made of. Steel cages are extremely damage-resistant, they can be slightly deformed, so they can fit a slightly larger bottle. It is a perfect solution for those who prefer ordinary bottles with water (or other drink) to a dedicated water bottle. On the other hand, there are water bottle cages made of plastic. They are much lighter than aluminium or steel ones, so they do not increase the bike's weight - a perfect solution for people who want to create a lightweight bike that will let them endure a long route of a demanding race.

However, if you want to assemble the lightest bike possible, weighing less than it is regulated by the Cycling Union provisions (6.8 kg!), then you need to focus on the lightest components possible. A carbon water bottle cage is perfect for this purpose. The lightest ones can weigh below 15 grams! In some cases, the weight is less than the set of standard screws used to mount it. Despite its negligible weight, it doesn't need to be handled like an egg. Carbon, i.e. carbon fibre, used in the production of such a cage, is a very durable material.


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