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Bicycle baskets

Bicycle baskets are basically a must-have for any city bike! Depending on your style, you can mount rattan baskets or classic steel baskets on your bike. However, the aesthetics of a bike with a basket are not the only advantage. Above all, it increases its utility - a bicycle basket will make it easier to transport a handbag, shopping or even a small dog. After unmounting it from the bike, you can also take it shopping, which may prove to be invaluable when visiting a local market. The only thing limiting the bicycle basket's uses is your imagination.

How to choose a good bicycle basket?

A good bicycle basket is essential. It is important that its capacity is right for you - regardless of whether you plan to use it to carry the shopping or a handbag, you must be sure that nothing will fall out of it while riding.

Another important element is the mounting system. First of all, it is worth choosing one that can be quickly and efficiently unmounted. You certainly don't want to wrestle with the basket just before entering the shop or when trying to bring your shopping home.

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