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Trunks and luggage racks

How to increase the usefulness of the bike? Just equip it with a bicycle trunk or rack, thanks to which carrying additional things, shopping and many other items will become much easier. Many people associate bicycle trunks with perpetually loose, noisy accessories that remember the twentieth century. Fortunately, the technology has gone a long way and modern solutions of this type are light, easy to install, and above all, they do not make noise at every bump.

A bicycle rack is not only a great way to transport items necessary to perform your duties at work or purchases made on the way home. It is also an opportunity to spread the wings of your imagination and free yourself from constantly wandering your finger on the map. Attach the panniers to the trunk, pick a destination on the map and set off on an unforgettable bike trip. Let it last for a day, two, or even a week. Getting to know the country from a bicycle, the possibility of spending the night in the open air and dining in the middle of the forest is an experience that will not be replaced by even the best all-inclusive trip.

How to choose a bicycle trunk

Which trunk you choose depends a lot on what type of bike you own. Unfortunately, not every bike allows easy installation and for some it is absolutely not recommended. But let's start with how to choose a bicycle trunk depending on what type of two-wheeler you have:

  • Trekking and city bikes - their assembly is extremely simple. Almost all models have dedicated holes for assembly of a bicycle rack. As a result, it is attached very securely, which avoids noise when riding on rough terrain. Trekking and city bikes are the best choice if you want to equip yourself with a trunk.
  • Gravel bikes - in the case of gravel bikes, there are two options for mounting a trunk, depending on whether the manufacturer has provided your bike with mounting holes. If so, the choice is simple, choose a trunk designed for this type of attachment. If, on the other hand, it does not have such mounting holes, the solution may be a trunk mounted on the seatpost. It is not as reliable as mounting directly to the frame - the trunk will move slightly while riding. It will also not be able to carry the same load. You need to make sure that your bike is equipped with an aluminium seatpost. A carbon seatpost may not withstand the extra load and may break.
  • Performance bikes - regardless of whether we are talking about road, mountain or race bikes, they are not adapted to the installation of trunks. Usually, they are structures adapted to a certain load and very specific tasks, therefore the installation of a trunk may make riding them not comfortable, and in some cases may even be dangerous!
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