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Bicycle trailers

Bicycle trailers are an increasingly popular solution that facilitates traveling with children. They give plenty of space to play and, if necessary, the option to close their eyes during the ride. This solution will allow your child to ride comfortably without having to see nothing but your back during the trip. While you are busy pedalling, your child will take care of more important things.

Which bicycle trail should you choose

Bicycle trailers have become increasingly popular in recent years, but the knowledge of them is still relatively low. That is why many people ask which bicycle trailer should they choose. Especially considering that the choice of products is growing with each season.

When choosing a bicycle trailer, it's important to look at its capacity - you must ensure that your child (or children) has enough space for a comfortable ride. Remember that they won't be there alone, but most likely they will be surrounded by their toy friends. There also has to be space for food and drinks.

It's also a good idea for the trailer to have some shock absorption system. Unfortunately, our roads are often full of potholes and it is worth ensuring the child's comfort while traveling. It's also important that it can be fitted with additional accessories, like an additional wheel that will enable you to adapt the trailer into a stroller.

Also make sure that its mounting system fits your bike. Some bicycle trailers are mounted to a quick-release lock - if your bike has a rigid axle, make sure that the trailer has the appropriate adapters for this system.

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