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Cycling helmets

Bicycle helmets should be the basic accessory of every cyclist. You can abandon dedicated bicycle clothing, but riding without a helmet is extremely risky. It's the rider's basic protection.

Modern bicycle helmets have little to do with old solutions. Current models are extremely aesthetic clothing elements that not only protect, but also ensure the thermal comfort of the head while riding and feature numerous amenities such as lights mounted on the back (which does not mean that you can give up those that are mounted on the bicycle!). Some also have built-in hands-free sets that will make it easier and safer to talk on the phone while riding!

Which bicycle helmet to choose?

Choosing a bicycle helmet is a very personal matter. A lot also depends on your riding style and the type of bike you have. Of course, nothing prevents you from wearing an aerodynamic road helmet when riding
a touring bike, but it won't be the most comfortable solution. This is why we have prepared a short crib sheet on which bicycle helmet should you choose:

  • Peanut type helmet - this is a very popular helmet type for people who prefer city bikes. It provides
    a very high level of safety, but due to its weight and a small number of air holes, it can lead to discomfort while riding.
  • Recreational bicycle helmet - the most frequently chosen type of helmets. It has a large number of air holes allowing the air to cool your head while riding. It's often equipped with red lights in the back and
    a visor that protects your eyes from the sun.
  • Competitive cycling helmet - most often used by road and mountain cyclists. It is characterized by a very low weight and air holes designed to cool the head as much as possible during exercise. In addition, they have ports to insert cycling glasses when you don't need them.
  • Aerodynamic road helmet - this is a relatively new type of bicycle helmets. It is mainly targeted at road cyclists (but there are also mountain cyclists choosing this helmet type). Thanks to its special design and shape, it minimizes air resistance, enabling faster riding with less effort. However, its downside is inferior ventilation compared to other competitive cycling helmets. Still, this doesn't seem to bother cyclists, as it's currently one of the most frequently chosen models.
  • Enduro helmet - this type of bicycle helmets is intended specifically for people riding in the mountains. It has a much more built-up rear part to protect the head against a potential fall more effectively.
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