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Transporting bikes on a towbar platform offers numerous benefits. First of all, it guarantees a stable and secure mounting. It guarantees easier assembly and disassembly of the platform itself and of the transported bicycles. It increases the safety guarantee for transported bikes thanks to the double grip system for the wheels and the frame. It facilitates communication, as the problem of entering underground parking lots or shopping malls disappears. It increases the comfort of driving by eliminating noise caused by the cutting air of bicycles transported on the roof. When transporting bikes on a platform mounted on a towbar air resistance is reduced, which translates into lower fuel consumption as was confirmed by independent tests of this type of products. These and many other advantages are offered by the Kross Move 4.0 bicycle platform. It is light because it is made of aluminium and reinforced plastic, so it can be installed by yourself. It has a set of lights, powered by a 13-pin electrical connector. It can be tilted with bikes, so you can easily get into the trunk without removing the bikes. It has locks to prevent theft of bicycles and the platform. Kross Move 4.0 complies with the provisions of Road Traffic and EU regulations.
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