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Front bicycle light TURISMO PRO

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A technologically advanced light made of high-quality materials. Equipped with a quality Cree\u2122 XPE2 R3 LED and a battery discharge sensor; charged via USB. Thanks to a unique technology and the Smart Beam sensor, the light automatically adjusts its power to ambient light. The Power Energy Saver Control technology breaks the conservation of mass law, extending the operating time to 3 - 12 h. The Cut-off Line technology directs the beam where the rider needs it, that is on the road and not towards the sky, making the most of its power without dazzling the oncoming drivers. The built-in accelerometer will automatically turn on the light when movement is detected and turn it off when the bicycle is stationary. During the day, the daylight mode turns on automatically and when riding through a tunnel, an underpass, at dawn or in rain, that is when visibility is limited, the light will automatically switch from daylight mode to the main lighting mode. At night, the light turns on in the main lighting mode, and beam intensity will be automatically adjusted to ambient light. The intuitive mounting system allows you to quickly move the light to another bike. The sealed casing protects the light against water penetration, enabling use in difficult weather conditions.
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