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Cycling clothes

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Cycling clothes

Cycling clothes are more than an element that will make you stand out from the crowd. It is an extremely functional piece of equipment for every cyclist, where each piece of clothing has a specific task. However, all of them have a common denominator – guaranteeing total comfort while cycling.

Bicycle clothing, as well as our everyday clothes, can be selected depending on the current season. Because, contrary to popular opinion, cycling is an all-year-round sport but you have to dress appropriately so that the cold weather does not scare you away.

Elements of cycling clothes

Cycling clothes can be divided into the following elements:

  • Cycling underwear – the base layer. Its task is to ensure the comfort of your skin and the most effective removal of sweat to the outside to leave it dry. Depending on the season, cycling underwear includes the base layer shirt (most often in the form of a sleeveless shirt) and a thermal shirt, which is to ensure proper body temperature.
  • Cycling jerseys – depending on the season, we offer cycling short-sleeve and long-sleeve jerseys. They can also be divided according to the style of cycling. People who prefer road cycling choose cycling jerseys that fit the body, while lovers of enduro and outdoor games decide on those with a looser cut.
  • Cycling jackets – despite the name, they do not have much in common with traditional jackets. A better term for a cycling jacket could be a cycling jacket. It provides good protection against the wind, and thanks to the materials used, it provides protection against the cold in winter.
  • Cycling socks – all socks are different. And the best example here is the cycling sock. Its task is to ensure adequate thermal comfort for the foot. Therefore, those intended for summer riding are made of delicate yarn, which provides excellent breathability and the possibility of thermoregulation while cycling. Winter socks are often designed to keep you warm while riding Merino wool, which is often used in the production of winter socks, is helpful here.
  • Cycling trousers and shorts – both cycling trousers and shorts have a big impact on the comfort while riding a bike. Choosing the right padding in the shorts is almost as important as choosing the seat. Thanks to the special design and the padding, riding a bike will not cause unpleasant pressure and will help to overcome long journeys.
  • Cycling caps – cycling caps are an integral part of cycling culture. And despite the fact that classic caps with a visor are less and less used, winter cycling caps are very popular.
  • Shoe covers – a great way to avoid the purchase of dedicated footwear, if you do not have any problems with cycling in winter. Cycling shoe covers allow make it possible to turn your normal shoes into a winter version, which will ensure protection against wind and - to a large extent - water.
  • Arm and leg warmers – these two elements of bicycle clothing are a perfect complement to your outfit for spring or autumn. They make it easier to ride in the transition period, when it can be cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. They take up much less space than a cycling jacket, so they are easy to store in the pocket of a cycling jersey after removing them.
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