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Junior KROSS bikes

Children's bicycles - from balance bikes to the first two wheels 

The first bicycle for a child is a great experience. Regardless of whether it is a balance bike, the first bike with pedals and side wheels or fully "adult" two wheels. These are always unforgettable moments of carefree times and joy.

If you plan to make your child's dreams of a bike come true, you need to think carefully about this gift. A well-chosen bicycle for a child will encourage them to take long bicycle trips and spend time together outdoors. Cycling is a physical activity that helps to socialize and learn new skills. And at the same time, it makes it possible to explore the world and reach places where the legs of a little man could not carry them.

How to choose a bike to match the child's height

The question of how to choose a bike to match the height and age of the child makes some parents terrified. There are many different solutions on the market and sometimes you can just get lost in all of them.

Therefore, in many cases, you can be guided by the size of the wheels:

  • Balance bikes - they are perfect for children who can already walk efficiently. Most often they are recommended for children who are already 18 months old. Such a bike helps the child to train stability while also learning further steps of walking. It is essential that the model chosen is relatively light. Some balance bikes have an additional brake that makes it easier to stop.
  • A bicycle with 12 inch wheels - an optimal choice for children from 2 to 4 years old. This is the first real bike with side wheels that will make it easier for your child to learn to ride. Typically, they are also single-speed bikes, and this helps your child focus on pedalling.
  • A bike with 14-inch wheels is already a serious bike, recommended for children aged 3 to 5. Side wheels may turn out to be unnecessary, especially if it is not the first bike. This is also where the first gears start to appear and it is an introduction to more advanced two-wheelers.
  • A bicycle with 16-inch wheels - ideal for children aged 4 to 6. It is already a fully grown bike, only with smaller wheels. It usually has one derailleur and a set of brakes.

Of course, every child develops and grows at a different pace, so the above list should not be taken as a strict rule. Experts in KROSS showrooms can offer the necessary help.

Types of children's bicycles

Just like with bikes for adults, there are specific types of bikes for children. For the youngest, taking their first steps, these are balance bikes that help in learning to walk and are an introduction to bicycles with side wheels. Do you know that a child who has used a balance bike before usually learns to ride without side wheels faster?


Bicycles for children aged 2 to 6 usually introduce additional elements that gradually familiarize the child with specific parts of the bicycle - such as gears or brakes operated with the brake lever on the handlebar. Depending on the age and height of the child, the bikes will feature increasingly larger wheels.


Bikes for teenagers usually do not differ from those designed for adults. Their frames are slightly smaller so that they can be adapted to teenagers' needs, but otherwise, they are very similar.

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