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MyKROSS application was created with the cyclists in mind who travel a dozen, several dozen or even a few hundred kilometers a month. It’s an application for people who are looking for reliable information about their bike, how to take care of its condition, and above all, who want to become an inspiration for others by participating in the process of creating the Public Route Map.




Thanks to the NFC sticker placed on the frame of the KROSS bike, the application will quickly add it to the list of bikes. However, each User, who has a bike from a different manufacturer, has the option of adding it manually in the application. If you have more than one bike, you can add another one to the list in the same way.

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This is one of the basic functions of the myKROSS application. The computer that records ride parameters informs the cyclist on an ongoing basis about the distance covered, speed and time. Additionally, during the ride, you can observe the track of your route on the map. After its completion, the route track with all recorded parameters is saved in the “My Routes” list.

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Catalogue of all routes published by Cyclists. It contains interesting facts and photos from the trip or training. The routes can be easily shared on your social media accounts, encouraging others to be active
Filters make searching for routes much faster and when a route turns out to be interesting, you can save it to your routes just as quickly. Saved routes are the perfect opportunity to get to know new places near our location.




Depending on the bike manufacturer, the application also provides access to information about the upcoming warranty, periodic or seasonal inspections. Moreover, each type of inspection includes a detailed list of activities that should be performed. Additionally, owners of KROSS bikes can read detailed information about the frame and fork, drivetrain components, wheels, brakes, etc.




myKROSS also helps in locating the nearest service point or bicycle shop recommended by KROSS, where you can perform the required service of the bike or prepare it for the cycling season.

Enjoy the ride!



What is myKROSS?

myKross is a free application for all cycling enthusiasts. It is available for mobile devices with Android and iOS. myKross allows you to display your bike on the list of bikes, monitor technical inspection, inform about the nearest service points and shops recommended by Kross.

In the ROUTES tab you can find a module related to routes. The application allows you to record routes, publish them on the Public Route Map, which in the next step can be downloaded by other cyclists and which be an inspiration to spend time on the bike.

Currently, the application works on phones with Android 5.0 and iOS 13.0 or higher versions.

How can I download the application myKROSS on my phone?

Our application is available for devices with Android and iOS system. Direct link to download the app can be found here.

How to register on myKROSS application?

At the moment, the application does not have the option to register an account. The user can use any nick, e.g., their first name or a nickname, or you can skip this step.

Can I join myKROSS without using my phone?

No, myKROSS is a mobile application and it can only be used on a smartphone with Internet access.

How to register a bike in the application?

In this version of the application, it is possible to display information about the bike by adding the bike to the list of bikes. The bike can be added by scanning the NFC sticker found on the frame of the KROSS bike or by entering the bike number manually.

How to turn on NFC in the phone?

To turn on NFC in the phone, slide down the notification bar from the top and expand its further functions. If you do not find, what you were looking for, go to “Settings” and find the “NFC connection” option in the “Connectivity”/”Connections”/”Sharing” field.

My phone does not have NFC, can I still use myKROSS?

Yes, you do not need an NFC phone to use myKROSS. NFC is used to add Kross bike faster. If you do not have NFC in the settings, you can add your bike manually.

Can I use the myKROSS application if I do not have a Kross bike?

myKROSS application is available to all bike enthusiasts. If you have a bicycle from a different manufacturer, add it to the application manually. Thanks to this, you will gain information about periodic technical inspections, the nearest service points or shops recommended by KROSS, where you can perform the required service or prepare the bike for the cycling season.

How do I turn on the location on my phone?

In order to turn on the location on the phone, you need to slide down the notification bar from the top and expand its further functions. If you do not find the item you are looking for, go to “Settings” and find the “Location” option in the “Privacy”/”Advanced” field.

Does the application require localization?

The lack of consent for the location limits the use of the search function for the nearest service point or bicycle shop recommended by KROSS. This also applies to the module related to tracking and recording the routes.

I have an account at Can I log in to the application using the same data?

Currently, we do not offer the option to register or log in to the application. In the next stages of developing the app, when the User profile is created, integration with the accounts created on the website will take place.

Can I make purchases via the application?

myKROSS is currently not integrated with the The products can be purchased only through electronic channels on the website.

Does the application collect cookies?

Currently, the application does not use cookies. More information on this subject can be found in the Privacy Policy of the myKROSS Mobile Application.

What data does the myKROSS app process?

The application processes the following data: nickname (provided by the user) – optional, bicycle frame number, bicycle manufacturer’s name, bicycle model, bicycle color. In the case of KROSS bikes, there are also more detailed bike data regarding bike’s specification, dates of the bike’s technical inspection. If you turn on location in your phone’s settings, the location will also be processed. More information on this subject can be found in the Privacy Policy of the myKROSS Mobile Application.

Is it possible to combine the app with other sport applications or GPS devices?

At the moment, the recording of routes takes place only via the application.

Why, after a bike ride, do I receive a notification that it is not possible to save the route as it was too short?

myKross application, as well as many other applications on the market, records routes using GPS. Sometimes, however, the application stops getting the correct GPS samples from the device, which results in not enough of them needed to build the route.

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