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Bicycle components are essential parts of any bike. Without them, cycling can be much less comfortable, and in some cases even impossible. Components covers a wide range of parts, such as bicycle grips, inner tubes and wheels. However, components do not only include what is visible to the naked eye. They also include steering head bearings or, for example, supports.

Depending on the quality of the components, you can significantly improve the quality and speed of your ride. For example - a high-quality bottom bracket will allow you to put much less force to propel the bike. It is also worth remembering to check individual components from time to time. Especially if you ride a bike in bad weather conditions, specifically in winter. Salt, which is unfortunately still very often used on pavements and bicycle paths, is not good for the bike. Sometimes a bike that has been used to ride every day throughout the winter is in a significantly worse condition than one may think. Therefore, it is important to service your bike after winter and replace worn components.

Which parts on the bicycle need to be replaced regularly?

There is no definite answer to how long bicycle parts last. It all depends on how you ride and care for it. A lot also depends on the quality of the parts that were used to assemble it. So what parts on the bike need to be replaced regularly?

First of all, the bottom bracket, especially if you use the Shimano Hollowtech system, i.e. with external bearings. Inadequate maintenance and missing the right moment for replacement can cause significant problems. Not only in terms of the strength that will be required to ride the bicycle. Worn bearings can damage the crank and can be expensive to replace. It is also worth checking the condition of the steering head bearings on a regular basis. Regular maintenance, especially fixing any loose elements in the bearings, will allow you to take care not only of this part but also to take care of your bike's frame and your safety.

It is also important to pay attention to the wheels on the bike. If your bike is equipped with rim brakes, it is worth checking the degree of wear of the braking surface.

Remember that you do not need to possess all the knowledge about servicing bikes. That's what our bike service points are for.

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