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Tires for bicycles

Bicycle tires are a very individual choice, especially if we are talking about people who consider the bike in terms of performance. However, no matter what type of cyclist you are, you need to remember to adjust your tires to the way you use the bike and the conditions you ride in. Well-chosen tires will change your riding experience, make it safer and even very comfortable. A lot also depends on the amount of air you use to inflate your tires.

What tires should you choose for your bike?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the selection of tires for a bicycle is an individual matter and depends on the conditions in which you ride. After all, a mountain bike that rides over rough terrain will not use road tires. A road tire will simply not cope with such riding conditions - it will be more likely to become completely damaged rather than making it possible to ride on it.

Therefore, below we have prepared a small cheat sheet on how to choose tires for your bike:

  • City bikes - when you are considering what tires to choose for a city bike, you must remember to focus on reliability. Therefore, sometimes it is not worth looking at their weight, but at the technologies used in their production. A good city bike tire must have an anti-puncture insert - this will reduce the number of punctured tubes and allow you to enjoy a trouble-free ride.
  • Trekking bikes - in their case, it is a priority that the tire is reliable. As in the case of city bikes, it is important that it has a special anti-puncture insert and it should be able to ride on gravel and other less friendly roads. A good choice for them may be semi-slick tires, which are completely smooth in the centre and have light blocks on the sides, which can also be found in mountain bike tires. Thanks to this, they will ensure low rolling resistance on asphalt, and after riding off it, they will ensure grip on a slightly worse surface.
  • Gravel bikes - in the case of gravel bikes, it is worth choosing tires very similar to those used in trekking bikes. Semi-slick tires are an excellent choice for both gravel and asphalt.
  • Road bikes - road bike tires are characterized by the fact that they are almost completely smooth. This is because they are to ensure the lowest possible rolling resistance and enable the highest possible speed. For this reason, they do not have the tread known found in mountain bikes.
  • MTB Bikes - in the case of MTB bikes, the choice of tires can completely change the quality of off-road riding. The right mountain bike tires make it possible to overcome technically difficult segments, rides through mud and other natural obstacles. Most often, these are also tubeless tires, i.e. tires designed to be mounted without an inner tube. This makes it possible to use a lower pressure in them, which makes them much better off-road, and also ensures greater safety when riding over stones and other obstacles.
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